8 Interesting Facts about the City of Dubai

Dubai, the fastest growing city in the world is a cosmopolitan destination having gleaming skyscrapers, most luxurious hotels, amazing weather, and a number of foreigners. The city have developed from nowhere in past 50 years. The development in the city has attracted the eyes of people around the world. Moreover, Dubai has become a popular destination to enjoy holidays with family. You can take up the best desert safari deals and have fun in the Arabian deserts that stretches a several miles. Here are some of the quick facts about Dubai that will surely amaze you.


0% Crime Rate

The city of Dubai boasts to have a 0% crime rate. The people can be easily imprisoned and deported to their respective countries even for the slightest criminal acts. This makes Dubai one of the safest cities on planet Earth. Being a tourist, you are totally safe against any crime. You can take the desert safari deals and enjoy your travel throughout the stay in Dubai. Moreover, the police cars in Dubai cost more than sending one person to the college in the USA. Ferrari, Ashton Martin, Lamborghinis are few of the police car models in Dubai.

83% of Dubai Population is Immigrant

A number of people from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan have immigrated to Dubai accounting to 50% of city’s population, 17% Emiratis, and the rest are foreigners. Most of the immigrants from the Asian countries work here in most squalid of conditions. The upper foreigner class earns attractive salaries from the employers.

Zero Debt Tolerance

The Dubai city is totally against the concept of residents incurring debts and is not being able to pay. You can even be sent to the jail if you fail to pay the bills of your credit card. Dubai has some of the highly paid jobs, tax free salaries and higher standard of living. A number of abandoned cars are found in the Dubai airport that is left behind the foreigners who have failed to pay the debt for cars and had left to their home country.

Everything in the City Needs to be Cooled

The infrastructure of Dubai has been designed keeping the environmental standpoint. The city is developed in the middle of desert where the sandstorms are common and the temperatures can reach intense more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The buildings might have started melting down if the city was not air conditioned with its design. The water pumps are placed on the buildings at different levels to coolthem off.

Dubai is the Fastest Growing City of the World

Over 20% of the cranes operating on this planet are found in Dubai. The city is developing at such a pace that the economists are concerned about the impending housing and financial collapse. The metro station in Dubai was completed in the year 2009 in just 18 months featuring 42 metro stations. The city has several man made islands and an amusement park is under construction. It would be twice than the size of Disney land.

No Standard Address System in Dubai

There is no standard address system in Dubai. The foreigners arriving here are advised to carry the map and show the driver where exactly they want to go. This can surely help them in saving their time in searching the hotels for their stay.

City in a City

TO everyone’s surprise, Dubai is building a well climate-controlled city in itself that will be around 2.25 times the size of Monaco. This city will be featuring walkways which would be air-conditioned. In other words, the people in this city will be able to walk around despite the sweltering desert heat.

No Premarital Sex

Dubai is the city where premarital sex is not allowed. Even if you hold the hand of your female partner in public, you might be jailed. Though government cannot control what happens behind the closed doors, but you need to follow the rules when in public.

The Bottom Line

Dubai is a beautiful city to enjoy vacation with your family. You must not forget to opt for the desert safari deals to make your trip a memorable experience. It is the dream destination for every traveler. In coming few years, Dubai will become one of the most travelled destinations in the world.